NEWS: The Rotary Club Brings Santa To South Liverpool

It’s that time of year again folks – the holidays are coming! These days it’s that Coca-Cola advert that gets many people into the festive spirit but, long before there was a big, red lorry to get us in the mood, here in South Liverpool there was The Rotary Club Santa’s Sledge!

The sound of Father Christmas and his group of volunteers, making their way around the streets on a dark winter night to the tune of a carol or two, is a festive treat that I for one remember from childhood and, from early December, The Rotary Club of Liverpool Garston will be out in force once again.

The Rotary Club does an amazing job of raising money for a wide range of local charities. Last years donations were split between 26 hugely deserving organisations including The Alder Hey Imagine Appeal, KIND and The South Liverpool Parkinson’s Disease Society to name but a few.

For Christmas 2012 the Rotary Club carol wagon can be found in the following places:

Carol Wagon Walks
4 December: Woolton Area. Starts Haileybury Road near Woolton Golf Club Entrance.
5 December: Gateacre Area. Starts South Station Road near Black Bull Pub/Restaurant.
12 December:Garston Area. Starts Island Road by Methodist Church.
13 December: Allerton Area. Starts Whitehedge Road.
18 December: Allerton Area. The Dales starting Tesco end of Elm Hall Drive.
19 December: Allerton Area. Starting Greenhill Road by Greenhills Pub.
20 December: Woolton Area. Starting Linkstor Road/Quarry Street.

Static Collections
7 December: ASDA Superstore, Hunts Cross.
14 December: Tesco Superstore, Mather Avenue.
15 December: Tesco Superstore, Mather Avenue.
21 December: ASDA Superstore, Hunts Cross.
22 December: Tesco Superstore, Woolton.

We urge you to come out and give generously in support of Rotary and local charities this Christmas… and to bask in the festive glow of the carol wagon while you’re at it!

If you would like to do your bit for charity this festive season you can help The Rotary Club of Liverpool Garston on these walks by contacting Rotarian Gwyn Jones on 0151 722 9569 or
Alternatively click here to visit the website

One thought on “NEWS: The Rotary Club Brings Santa To South Liverpool

  1. i had my 4year old daughter all excited for Santa coming like other years. myself and my husband listened out all night for music with tv off. when we finally heard music at 5 past 9 we ran upstairs and got our little girl out and rushed outside only to see that it was finished and the sleigh was being towed back empty and music got turned off. it looks like our row on elm hall drive was left out. this really upset my daughter . we have enjoyed this for a few years now and are disappointed about this year.

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