Back in the year 2000, as a busy mum of two, Paula Kinsella from Liverpool decided that she wanted to lose weight and make heathier changes. She joined her local Slimming World group and lost over 2 stone.

Slimming World transformed life for Paula and her family, who all adopted a much healthier approach to food and exercise. Experiencing the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle and knowing first-hand how easy Slimming World can fit into a busy, working life, Paula realised that she wanted to help others achieve the same. She was quickly recruited by her own consultant and became a consultant herself in 2001. Paula threw herself into her new career and led successful classes in South Liverpool for over 16 years.

The tables turned for Paula in 2016, when her husband got a new job, and they were presented with the unexpected opportunity to relocate to the French Riviera. Food, wine and sunshine beckoned and, like many of us would, she jumped at the chance! It was with a heavy heart that Paula left her job with Slimming World but she was looking forward to a new adventure.

Paula said:

“Spending your days walking along the beach and soaking up the French village lifestyle (not to mention being able to hop on the train to St Tropez or Monaco) became daily life for my husband and I. It had been our dream for such a long time and it was an amazing couple of years.

Tucking into a healthy Slimming World lunch at Head Office

“Slimming World stayed was always with me though; I stocked up on fresh fruit and vegetables from the daily market and practised my language skills (and Body Magic!) in the local gym”.

Paula always remained in touch with her colleagues and former members and it was clear how much she was missed. Paula added: 

“They do say that home is where the heart is and, after 2 years, we made the decision to move back to Liverpool, the city we’ve always loved”.

Although forever grateful for their time in France, they were definitely glad to be home and nearer their (now grown-up) children as well as the rest of their family. It’s not surprising that Paula quickly realised how much she had missed being a Slimming World Consultant. After just a few weeks on being back in the country, she soon decided that she wanted to return to the job that had always meant so much to her.  After a few phone calls, the wheels were in motion.

Training at Slimming World Head Office

“I registered on a consultant training weekend and am now a fully-fledged Slimming World Consultant again! The last few weeks have been hectic as I’ve been promoting my new group all over South Liverpool ahead of opening this coming Thursday (5th July).  And I’m still fitting in 4 sessions of Body Pump at Nuffield Health every week!”

Concluding our chat Paula said:

“I’m beyond excited to get back into group, helping people achieve their dreams is what I have always loved about being a Slimming World consultant, and I can’t wait to see lots of new (and maybe some familiar) faces in my new group on Thursday”.

Hillfoot Road, Hunts Cross, L25 0ND
Consultant – Paula T: 07779 784779